Buffer's Alternative to Publish and Manage on Social Media Profiles

Buffer’s Free Alternative to Publish and Manage Social Media Profiles

You love Buffer, I love Buffer, everybody loves Buffer. It is a great webapp to manage all of your social media profiles. I use Buffer religiously for work every day. However, for personal use since they allow only a couple of profiles it was not a big appeal to me. Last week I was trying to get back to using Buffer and saw that they took off the RSS feature?

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Mac OSX Lion : New Finder Window Location

So, I have installed Mac OSX lion. It is just too gray for me and the new animations and “IOsifying” of the OS is just annoying . Anyway, here is another bothersome feature to me. When you open up a new window it Open’s up to the ” All my files” folder section. Sometime, it is can be slowing because it is scanning for all the files in your hard drive.  I am not sure if it is a new features in OSX lion or just never noticed in Snow Leopard.

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Free Minimal Designer Icon set

I have been previewing this icon set at Dribbble and Forrst for a while. Finally got time to finish them. You will find 10 popular social media icons in this set.

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